Cloud-based Monitoring Platform

Solar technology evolves every year and apart from electricity generation there is now battery storage, hot water heating and other solutions which come from the solar system. Detailed monitoring is now available, not just to see how your solar is performing, but how much energy your building is pulling from the grid. Real time information is available via a portal which gives you an instant view of how your building is using energy.

Full visibility of system performance

Each panel is monitored individually to guarantee optimal performance, at all times.
Users can monitor real-time system performance anytime, anywhere using free iOS and Android applications.
Panel issues are pinpointed on the virtual array map for quick and easy resolution.

Experience the power of the sun

At Cobra Solar, we can see all of our customers' systems from our offices the same way as our customers can view them in their home or on their mobile data products. The data that comes from these systems allows us to track progress against our predictions and also provide accurate estimations of how a PV system will perform. Therefore, when we design any new systems we are confident that they will produce in excess of what we say. Generally, we are finding that systems over produce between 5-20% of our estimations.