Green power that does the business

There’s never been a better time to consider the financial, environmental and social benefits for your business in installing a PV system as a green alternative energy source and revenue creator.

Driven by worldwide demand the cost of high-quality solar panels has fallen dramatically making them an even more affordable choice for supplying much of the electricity you use in your home.

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The cost of solar is falling.

We design, install and maintain solar systems in a variety of different sectors and industries. Our friendly team will design a system that suits your business needs, providing competitive prices and a seamless installation.

Is your business suitable for solar?

Do you own the freehold on your premises? Do you have a long-lease over your property? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either question it’s certainly worth looking at the business case for solar to decrease energy costs, greatly enhance the working environment and boost the bottom line.

Successful solar installation: the Cobra Solar process.

Our in-house expertise means that we can get your system designed, installed, connected and producing green power with a minimum of disruption to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
01.What does it cost?

The price of an installation will vary considerably depending on roof area and system size installed.

Factors like roof access costs, roof type, roof pitch and orientation can all influence the cost. It’s important that we know your specific requirements because that’ll help us design and cost a system that most accurately meets your present and future needs.

We can carry out a desktop study using google earth and come up with an estimate and a calculation of your annual system production to a degree of 5% accuracy. We’re always happy to provide free advice and supply a competitive written quotation.

02.What is system monitoring?

With continuing advances in product technology, it is now possible to not only monitor the performance of your PV system, but also the consumption of electricity you draw from the grid.

This monitoring is viewed via a web portal and is monitored both by our customers and Cobra Solar support staff in our offices. This available data allows us to not only accurately see how the system is performing, but also have the data necessary to evaluate battery storage, hot water heating and level of export back to the grid.

03.Which solar panels do we use?

Each Solar PV system is designed to suit the individual circumstances of the property. PV panels are available in monocrystalline or polycrystalline and any panel that Cobra Solar uses will be independently rated as a Tier 1 MCS Approved product.

04.Will there be any disruption to my business?

Generally, we do not impact day to day business activities in any way.

On average a 30kWp system will only take 3-5 working days to complete, and there are very rarely shutdowns of power required. In summary we work with you to ensure that our programme fits with you.